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Mario Luongo
B.A., M.A. H.F.S.C. ,B.C.R.P.A., C.F.E.S.

Mario Luongo has been working with athletes for the past twenty-five years in his capacity as a coach, P.E., Fitness and Weight Training teacher at the high school level.  A graduate of Simon Fraser University’s Kineseology and Professional Development Program, he has an extensive background in training methodologies, motivation as well as a sound understanding of teen health and wellness related issues. Mario has been constructing training programs for both athletes seeking a competitive edge and the general population wanting to improve their overall health and well being for years.   Mario is currently a teacher at Riverside Secondary in Port Coquitlam, coaches both at the school and the community and runs Precision Fitness, Strength and Conditioning. Mr. And Mrs. Luongo have two teenaged children.  

About Luongo Conditioning

Our primary aim at Luongo Conditioning is to help people understand the value of developing a strong muscular and skeletal system so they can be better prepared for competitive sports.  We do this by offering training programs designed to challenge and inspire individuals to work beyond current conditioning levels.  Our resistance, movement and energy specific programs are aimed at improving primary and secondary fitness components and are designed to develop the athlete safely and progressively regardless of age or ability.  At Luongo Conditioning, we strive for the development of the whole athlete facilitating opportunities for peak performance in both training and athletic competition. 

Fundamental to training is education and awareness of biomechanics involved in activities.  Correcting motor patterns and explaining proper human performance are important components of our training and coaching.  Our belief is that anaerobic or strength and power training cannot be conducted effectively without an efficient source of oxygenated blood.  Consequently, our training programs place an emphasis on developing a strong aerobic base in conjunction with working anaerobically. 

We believe that better conditioned athletes with greater knowledge and understanding function with greater ease, fatigue slower and generate greater forces than those who have not undergone rigorous training.  For this reason, time is spent explaining human energy production and how energy is supplied to working muscles.  As the majority of our athletes are still growing and developing, we hope to instill proper eating habits by providing nutrition education and understanding the importance of food as the body’s indirect source of energy.  Our hope is to provide opportunities for peak performance while developing life-long healthy eating and lifestyle habits.

Our company is dedicated to improving the primary fitness components of cardiovascular and muscular endurance, body composition, strength and flexibility.  We spend a great deal of time training for power, balance, coordination, speed, agility and quickness; the skill related components of physical fitness and athletics.  Strengthening the core and combining multi-joint movement patterns are components of most training sessions. We utilize a variety of apparatus and settings to help athletes attain their goals. 

Luongo Conditioning is dedicated to providing health, athletic, education and employment based opportunities to people of all ages. We offer personal training for those who may have been away from activity for an extended period of time wanting re-entry advice on improving general health, conditioning and fitness levels.  Educational opportunities available are directed to those interested in certification and employment in the fitness industry or to those simply interested in gaining a better personal understanding of fitness concepts, training principles and human performance.  In addition, a variety of first-aid courses are offered as part of our educational services.  A wide variety of service-based industries including the food, fitness and health professions all require some basic level of first aid training as a qualification for entry.  First-aid certification provides individuals with employment opportunities not available to the general public.  Other services available include: fitness testing, lifestyle assessments and inventories, evaluating body composition, workshops and advice on appropriate program design, proper training techniques, safely using non-conventional training apparatus such as balance boards, stability balls and bosu trainers, evaluating and advising on fitness products, and providing sound nutrition education.  We are also in consultation with Surrey Orthopaedic & Sports Physiotherapy Clinic and are willing to work with the injured athlete and those in need of rehabilitation.  


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